English Inspirational Poetry : Save Yourself from the Tears and the Mourn


In life save yourself from
the tears and the mourn,

Mourning over and
telling sob stories,
Often takes away your
merry and blessings!

Half of the time thinking
of the pains, and then
mourning over them
makes life a complete vain!

It thus makes life complete
If you do something after
you think!

And such actions that no
longer makes you mourn
and let the tears bleed!!

– Ranjan Kumar

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Ranjan Kumar
Ranjan Kumar

Founder and CEO of AR Group Of Institutions. Editor – in – Chief of Pallav Sahitya Prasar Kendra and Ender Portal. Motivational Speaker & Healing Counsellor ( Saved more than 120 lives, who lost their faith in life after a suicide attempt ). Author, Poet, Editor & freelance writer. Published Books : a ) Anugunj – Sanklit Pratinidhi Kavitayen b ) Ek Aasmaan Mera Bhi. Having depth knowledge of the Indian Constitution and Indian Democracy.For his passion, present research work continued on Re-birth & Regression therapy ( Punar-Janam ki jatil Sankalpanayen aur Manovigyan ).
Passionate Astrologer – limited Work but famous for accurate predictions.

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